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Our Chevy Chase, Maryland team was started by our founder Nick with over 30+ years of experience and a dream to deliver exceptional craftsmanship.


Why Us?

Quality and durability second to none.

We're builders, not briefcase builders. Our management team is on the ground, learning and constructing your project piece by piece, day by day. Every project is directed by our founder and owner, Nick, a roofing expert with over 30+ years of industry experience.  We build things to last and understand things that aren't apparent to the naked eye.

Personalized, high priority service.

We're a smaller team that intentionally takes a limited amount of projects to ensure that you are able to form a direct connection with our owner and have the best experience possible. Whether you're redesigning your roof for aesthetic purposes or a big repair, we always deliver a top-notch experience.

Value driven solutions.

Our team knows everything about home remodeling and repair. When you contact us for assistance, we put your needs first to determine the best solution for your situation. Selling the most expensive job or the most expensive roofing shingles is never our concern, driving value for our clients is the only goal.

Get in touch with us today to determine if the Fine Craftsmen team is a suitable match for your requirements.

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