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Our Story


Nick Dewey's career as a carpenter began in Idaho, where he started as a framer for Hanley Construction in 1991. Through his time working with Hanley, Nick grew fascinated with the construction process. When Nick moved to Great Falls, Virginia in 1998, he knew he wanted to further develop his career in construction. Nick promptly picked up a job working with Frontier Construction, a company that had a full roster of strong master carpenters. With their mentorship, Nick learned about the nuances and challenges that come with working on existing houses in the remodeling business. Over time, Nick's love for solving problems and construction helped him become one of the most skilled craftsmen in the area. After working with Frontier, Nick began working as a supervisor for Zantzinger Construction and developed strong relationships with even more skilled craftsmen, further developing his project management skills and ability to deliver high quality work.

"Every job is more than a paycheck to me, it's my purpose." 

After spending some time working as a supervisor for Zantzinger, Nick quickly realized that construction was more than just a paycheck for him, it was his purpose. Nick decided to start Fine Craftsmen with the goal of putting his own personal touch on every project and transforming living spaces for homeowners. In order to deliver on this goal, Fine Craftsmen guarantees supervision and quality assurance from our owner Nick. From the second you contact us up until the end of your the project, Nick will be your primary contact and source of information.


Nick lives in Chevy Chase, MD with his Belgian Malinois, Greta and his Golden Lab, Gunner. When Nick isn't on the job pursuing his dream working in construction, he enjoys barbequing, reading books about framing, watching sports, and taking his dogs to the park.


Get in touch with us today to determine if the Fine Craftsmen team is a suitable match for your requirements.

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