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At Fine Craftsmen, we value not only making a difference in your home, but also maintaining full transparency throughout the entire process. Aside from supervision and quality assurance directly from our founder, our team allows you to see exactly which costs go into your new remodel. We proudly offer two different pricing structures and will work with you to determine the most suitable match for your needs.


Cost Plus

When we enter into a cost-plus relationship with a client the project budget is based on a completely transparent model. Our clients can see literally everything that goes into formulating the final construction costs and how each aspect of the project is accounted for along the way. No cost is incurred without approval and sign-off.  Fine Craftsmen is compensated for running the project and receives a set percentage-based fee on the total costs of subcontractors.

Fixed Price

A fixed-price budget offers the most cost certainty to a homeowner. With complete, detailed construction plans, specifications and finish schedule Fine Craftsmen is able to competitively bid the project and provide a firm, reliable budget. Unless you make changes along the way or truly unknown conditions are encountered there is no risk of the price changing.

Get in touch with us today to determine if the Fine Craftsmen team is a suitable match for your requirements.

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